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This new LETS GO Pre Workout is a high stimulant pre/ pump and focus product that boasts a highly dosed nootropic panel for increased energy and laser like focus with skin bursting pumps.

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This new LETS GO Pre Workout is a high stimulant pre/ pump and focus product that boasts a highly dosed nootropic panel for increased energy and laser like focus with skin bursting pumps.

For Pump and Performance we have Citrulline malate at 6g and the Beta alanine to 3.0g.

We have also included the addition of a patented  ingredient – vaso6® at an amazing 300mg per serving helping nitric oxide production and blood flow. This premium quality ingredient increases vasodilation in the body to help maximize physical and mental performance.

The stimulant panel has a nice dosage of caffeine and to add to it we have another patented ingredient –  Teacrine®  a non crash form of caffeine and also has cognitive benefits for sharper more focused training session

In addition we have added an absorption and amplification panel using another patented ingredient Bioperine®.

This product really gets that next level training session you have been waiting for.

Shot it, shout LETS GO and have the session of your life.



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4 reviews for Pre Work Out

  1. Mark Tyson

    Fantastic product,I tried this pre workout last week and have to say for me it’s one of the best pre workouts I’ve ever had,And over the years I’ve tied most of them,Firstly the taste is amazing just like strawberry laces,It mixes really well no grainy bits left at the bottom of the shaker like some,Took it 30 mins before my workout and it gave me amazing focus and energy,And no crash afterwards which is a big plus,No dreaded tingle or prickly heat like I usually get,The biggest surprise for me was the massive pumps I got I felt like I could train for a few more hours,This will be my new go to pre workout from now on.Amazing product.

    • JK

      Hey Mark, thank you for taking the time to write a review for us.
      Amazing feedback, and glad to hear you really rate the product.

      keep having those best sessions of your life
      LETS GO!

  2. James Forshaw

    Amazing pre workout! JK supps clearly have a passion for what they do. The taste is great, it isn’t too harsh like many others, where I find myself drinking others as fast as possible I find with this one I can take my time and actually enjoy the drink. The affect it has on my workouts is outstanding, leaving me feeling pumped, energised but still remaining focused thanks to JK’s formula. All round great Pre Workout for every aspect of a gym workout.

    • JK

      Hey James, thank you for your review and great to hear you are really enjoying the product.
      LETS GO!

  3. Rob johno

    One of the best I’ve had in a long time, great mix great taste and most of all why we have them is for the gains we get off them, focused and just wanted more!!! And on a plus side I personally train late on in the day and had no problem with going to sleep ???? which with a lot of other pre,s I couldn’t take due to not being able to sleep.. so all in all buy this product for a fantastic work out highly recommended..

    • JK

      Hey Rob,
      thankyou for leaving a review and great feedback.
      LETS GO

  4. Ste D

    What can I say. This stuff works. Increased performance on the weights section and then onto the cardio only to feel like I could of carried on after my normal routine. I could of done more but chose not to the first time I used this. Felt like bench pressing the wife to burn the rest off when I got home. Definitely going to be slipping the wife some when she’s on a cleaning spree. Honesty though, No biased review from me. This genuinely hits where needed. The taste make of it alone bring la your to attention ready for the workout. Big thumbs up from me. Well done JK, obviously know what he’s doing.

    • JK

      Hey Ste, thankyou for your review, keep having the best sessions of your life and enjoy having a very clean house haha.

      LETS GO!


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